99.5 WYCD: Meet Molly, Rescue Dog, And Read My Psychic ‘Story Of The Bells’

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Steve Grunwald, 99.5 WYCD On-Air Personality
February 25, 2013

Steve Grunwald with Daisy

As many of you know, I lost my dear sweet dog Daisy, in early January. My best friend Daisy was a rescue dog and was loved by many. Let me tell you a story.

When Daisy was put to sleep, I was beside myself as many of you know. Renowned psychic medium and motivational speaker, Kelly MacLeod, who we have on the Dr. Don Morning Show with Rachael & Grunwald from time to time, can communicate with people and animals who have passed over.

Now normally I would say ‘yeah right.’ But I have heard things when Kelly is in the WYCD studio that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Things no one could ever know or believe unless you would witness for yourself. So Kelly texts me and says “Daisy has passed over and wanted me to let you know she is okay. She woke me up at 4 am.” Well, that’s when Daisy and I got up every morning. I didn’t know what to think. She continued, “Daisy wanted to make sure you were okay” and then told me that when I would hear bells to remember her or think of her that “she would be with me.” I was not really offended because I know she meant well, but I blew it off thinking I don’t live by a church or have any bells whatsoever in my house. The bell thing was crazy to me. So much so, that Rachael and I joked about it in the studio.

As it turns out, The Buster Foundation I got Daisy from let me know how sorry they were that she had passed, and informed me that when I am ready, they have a couple great dogs, bigger puppies from a litter a few months ago, that need a great home.

After some time had passed, I went and looked at a puppy and she (Molly) was beautiful. I spent 3 hours with her and the foster family. She has a sister that is with her who is with the same foster family. She is smart and so loving. (The bonus is that she was almost potty trained. Whew, that is too much work if I had to do myself!)

Here is Molly in action:

Oh, but I digress.

Back to Kelly’s mention of ‘the bells.’ At the time a couple foster families from the Foundation train the dogs to signal they have to go outside, by using bells. They hang them on the door going outside, and the dogs push them with their nose to make it ring. I got home the following night and while I was laying in bed, it struck me. The bells! I was awake all night thinking how crazy this was. I maybe slept one hour that night. My mind was going 1000 mph. So looks like I will be getting bells for my sliding glass door. I guess thats a good sign from Daisy. See photos of Daisy.

I have named her Molly. Here she is. Click on the photo below to see a gallery of more, including her new sweater (that she really hates) and a romp in the park in Wixom!

Molly Grunwald