Allow Kelly to help you create, grow or fine tune your business with her keen sense of intuition. During an intuitive business consultation, Kelly will help tune into the energy of your employees, recognize problems, and help with potential blocks that could be detrimental to the expansion of your business.

Don’t own a business but would like to? Kelly can help you recognize potential opportunities that could turn into a business, product, or service that could be both productive and prosperous.

For more information or to hire Kelly MacLeod for business consulting, please call the office at (586) 524-0508.

Here’s a testimonial from a very satisfied client whose business revelation came true as Kelly foresaw!

I had a reading last summer with Kelly. In the reading she indicated that my business would be on Oprah’s show – which it was. She also told me that in the spring of this year, I would develop a product that would “put us on the map,” which is coming to pass. I have an opportunity now that will take my company from a small one to one MUCH larger with revenues of over $10 million in three years. Kelly MacLeod is gifted and worthy of your trust.

Judith Moore