Detroit Free Press: 5 Questions With Kelly MacLeod

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Trained psychic makes connections for clients
Lake Shore grad has written book

September 30, 2007


As Kelly MacLeod monotonously worked on the Ford Motor Co. assembly line lifting 35-pound brake drums, she envisioned herself free from that job in a career that would let her use her psychic ability to help people.

“The people at work laughed at me,” recalled MacLeod who has been a practicing psychic for three years, paid by clients to provide readings, hypnotherapy and to communicate with deceased loved ones.

“I would tell them I’m going to be on every stage, every TV and every radio station, I’m going to be the next John Edwards. I’ll be a household name.

“They would say ‘When pigs fly.’ I have a pig with wings hanging in my office.”

MacLeod, who grew up in St. Clair Shores and graduated from Lake Shore High School in 1987, was using the advice of the hot-selling “The Secret” — envisioning what you want to make it happen and living with an attitude of gratitude — long before the popular documentary was released.

MacLeod has realized her dream of publishing a book of lessons she’s learned from crossing over to the other side, and she was scheduled to do a book signing in Roseville Saturday and a group reading À la the famed psychic Edwards. She plans to record the reading and pitch it as a TV show.

For more information about her book, “Messages and Miracles From the Other Side,” her appearances, group readings and other information, go to

QUESTION: Could you share a lesson or two that you’ve learned during readings that you put into the book?
ANSWER: I have a lot of clients ask me the same question over and over and over and that’s why I put it in the book. They want to know if their loved one is mad at them … I get to tell them that there is no anger on the other side … Once we leave Earth, it’s unconditional love.

Q: When did you first notice you had psychic abilities?
A: I didn’t start connecting with those that have passed on until six, seven, eight years ago. At 13, I started having these clairvoyant or déjÀ vu visions. It scared me … I was worried that I would make it happen because I saw it. …
The first one I had I pictured myself falling down the stairs of our bungalow in St. Clair Shores, head over heels, hitting the floor, screaming and hollering. … I thought, ‘Why would I ever think something so horrible?’ About an hour and a half later, it happened, and I survived because I didn’t tighten up. I went with it. I knew I would be OK, because I had seen what would happen. God protected me by showing me what was about to happen.

Q: How many and what kinds of clients do you see in your practice?
A: On average, anywhere between 10 and 25 a week … That’s in person or by phone. Group sessions I do on average right now, about four to five a year in Michigan and five festivals in Kentucky and Ohio.
We have so many hurt, grieving and angry people. … I deal with a multitude of people, everything from adultery, addiction, psychosis.
The biggest, biggest blessing is to watch someone come in looking like they’ve lost their best friend and watch them transform in front of your eyes … And to give people that light in the tunnel … There’s not enough money in the whole world to replace that feeling. It’s unbelievable.

Q: In the time you’ve been doing this, does there seem to be any change in thinking as far as more or less acceptance of psychic abilities?
A: There seems to be more understanding of it. I haven’t had to be as defensive about it. I haven’t had as many people attack me for voodoo witchcraft. People are starting to think outside the box.

Q: You mentioned training and schooling, what did you do?
A: I went to England and trained at the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Development. … They’re big spiritualists. They are about proof of everlasting life … they aren’t interested in readings about love life, money.
My clients are about 50-50: people that need to know about current everyday life and people connecting with their loved ones.
What I brought back with me from England and I find very few people to do it, is to not accept the old ‘Your grandma is here. She says she loves you.’ Don’t buy that. It has to be the whole meat and potatoes. You have to give proof, something specific that the spirit is communicating.