When Kelly was a little girl, she would just know things without having been told. She had her first near death experience at age 13 and as she got older she began to see and experience events before they occurred. Not being able to explain or comprehend what was happening caused her to fear what was to become her greatest gift. Like many, she pushed these feelings and emotions away until they no longer existed in her mind.

As an adult her interest in the Psychic and Paranormal began to grow once again. Now older and more mature, she was no longer afraid and began taking classes to develop what she had ignored for so long. Kelly started to do readings but with some reservation due to her religious upbringing. To many, what she was doing was considered wrong. It wasn’t until both of her grandparents had passed away that she was shown the truth of what she was doing, and that it was to become a blessing and not something to hide.

Just days after her grandparents had passed, she was doing a meditation and asking to connect with spirit guides and loved ones. Kelly had a vision in her head that included both of her grandparents. She was having a conversation with them and even though none of their mouths moved, she fully heard and understood everything that they were saying! Many people would question this “vision,” but she knew it was real because they “came through” at a much younger age… an age that she would only recognize from an old picture. Kelly was amazed, shocked and stunned, but most of all, she felt a sense of awe! For Kelly, helping people connect with loved ones that have passed on is the greatest feeling in the world! Kelly wakes every day feeling grateful for having found her true purpose in life, something that many people will never understand.

You see, my Granny was the most religious and God fearing woman that I had ever known. She would have NEVER had gone against God’s wishes and had “connected” with me if it were such an “evil” thing. This had to be the most healing event for me and from this, I learned that my true calling was to be a Medium, to help people connect with their loved ones in order to facilitate the healing process after a loss like this occurs. I am very humbled by the fact that God and the Spirit World would use me to be a part of an event that provides healing on so many levels. I would say that the most satisfaction comes from knowing that I help make a difference both here on Earth and in the Spirit World.