Break Through the Barriers for a Better You – Payment Plan

$330.00 / month

This personalized program is designed for finding the best and happiest version of you by breaking through the barriers that are holding you back in your personal life. You’ll choose a topic for your program which is customized for your specific goals. Topic examples include: Love/Romance, Relationships, Career, Money, Health, Fitness, Weight or whatever topic you have in mind. How you’ll benefit:

  • Discover your soul’s purpose so you can understand how it relates to your work and how that contributes to your personal feelings of self-worth and contentment.
  • Align your soul’s purpose and activate your divine gifts and talents
  • Raise your personal vibration to become a manifesting magnet that attracts positive change with ease, grace and speed
  • Shift your situation by healing and releasing your old patterns and trauma. This transformation will allow you to create a new reality and write a new story


You’ll receive five (5) One Hour Private Consultations via video conference plus five (5) Healing Attunements. Each session includes:

Psychic Connection and Guidance
Kelly will connect psychically to Identify blocks (perceived and real), opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.

Akashic Records
Kelly will access your Akashic Records to educate, motivate, enlighten and inspire you to create the best life ever.

Quantum Healing
Raise your vibration to align your soul and divine energy. Kelly will use Quantum Healing attunements to heal, release and breakthrough current and past life trauma, karma, fears and other obstacles.


Call the office at (586) 524-0508.


Your sessions are confirmed once payment is made. The appointment dates and times will be finalized with Kelly via phone.

* A reading is not a replacement or a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.