Psychic Medium Business Reading – 1hr


Allow Kelly to help you create, grow or fine tune your business with her keen sense of intuition. During an intuitive business consultation, Kelly will help tune into the energy of your employees, recognize problems, and help with potential blocks that could be detrimental to the expansion of your business.

Don’t own a business but would like to? Kelly can help you recognize potential opportunities that could turn into a business, product, or service that could be both productive and prosperous.

  • Readings are done by phone or online video conference.
  • Phone and video conference readings are just as accurate as an in person session.


Call the office at (586) 524-0508.


Your session is confirmed once payment is made. The appointment date and time will be finalized with Kelly via phone.

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  • Add Light Language?

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“I begin all of the readings by asking my highest source, (God) for the clearest and most appropriate information. In asking permission, I am only shown what the person needs to know at this time in their life. This information is then relayed to you, the client. Regardless of what that message may be, I do not edit the content in any way. I feel that the only reason you are given that information, is to either help prepare you for an event, help you prevent it from happening, or to bring closure to a situation. It is not my place, nor would it be right to withhold this knowledge from you.”

As with all readings, the law of free will applies: You have the choice to either accept the information or do with it what you will. Your decisions will determine your final outcome.