Hi Kelly!  Thank you so much for your connection with my angels and spirit guides, the messages and the words of comfort gave me incredible peace!

– Madeline H.

So Much Comfort!

My experience at the Night with Spirit was incredible!!   I connected with my Mom as she shared some amazing information about my daughter – whom my mother never got to meet.  Kelly shared some intimate details that only my mother would know.  I was BLOWN AWAY and this experience gave me some beautiful closure!!  At the end of the reading, Kelly said, “she’s showing me Noah’s Ark and 2 giraffes… what does this mean?”

And I told her that it was my daughter’s blanket… it has a Noah’s Ark pattern and 2 giraffes right on the front of it!!!

Thank you so much for connecting me with my Mom tonight Kelly!!

– Shannon Jenkins


Kelly… Your YouTube episode with Steve really moved me!  I related to so much and it’s a relief to finally find someone so much like me!  I no longer feel so alone in a sea of humanity!

Meg A.

Hi Kelly!  I want to thank you for my reading last week!  I realize much more a to why hubby couldn’t tell me about his sickness.

  1. He didn’t want me to know and didn’t want me at the hospital, the insight helped me not to hold anger and helped to understand why!
  2. He never knew how much he was loved by everyone.
  3. I now understand the reference about the rings, I’m still trying to figure out the keys.
  4. I understand about my destiny with my life and work ethics.
  5. Hubby telling me to stop doing for everyone and just do for myself, to enjoy my life… it’s my time now!
  6. I figured out and understand the honoring of him with the pond.  My brother lives in front of a lake and he surprised me with balloons honoring my hubby!!  These balloons went straight up and disappeared!  We were all so surprised and couldn’t understand!

He has to realize the there will never be another man like him.  No man can fill his shoes!

Kelly what I’m trying to tell you and anyone reading this, you ARE the real thing and your God given talent is true!  I’ve been following you for a long time, you have never been a disappointment!  Keep up your talents for people who really need you!

Finally… your podcast of going to the other side is fascinating and gave me more of an understanding!

Love you,

Lynn B.

Lynn B.

The best way I can put this is I, myself am validated. It sounds strange to say but it’s true I am validated. I went through my whole life carrying weight of others,  guilt, fear of being myself and own person. Being called strange, crazy, weird, overdramatic etc. No, I am me and that is a beautiful thing. I found that my soul was screaming at me for years about life purpose and I chose to ignore it. In turn ignoring due to all of past fear. Now I can get back onto my path be the light I truly am and came in as. Time to brush the dust off and shine! So much thanks to such a beautiful, kind and strong being; Kelly thank you so much from the deepest part of me.❤️💓💗

Erin E.

I cannot thank you enough Kelly for the amazing reading during such a difficult time!!!  Everything you said was spot on & I look forward to a new friendship & diving into your many other healing skills!  I will never be able to express my gratitude, for you answered my call during such a trying time!  You truly have an amazing gift!!

Christin B.

Kelly is Amazing!!  Her ability to connect and keep it so real is mindblowing!  She has helped us through a very difficult time by giving us messages from our lost loved one that is so spot on and “real!”  Very gifted medium!  Highly recommended!!  Thank you so much Kelly! ❤️

Jeni V.

Kelly is AMAZING!!  I still get goosebumps when I think about how right on her reading with me was!!  My daughter was stillborn at 35 weeks in 2016. I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to give my daughter a voice!  Kelly did just that!  She also told me that I was going to move from Michigan to Arizona.  I absolutely did not believe her at the time…I’m happy to report that I have lived in Arizona for almost a year now and l love it here just like Kelly said I would!!

Amy M.

Kelly, I’ve been seeing where people post about how amazing you are when you do your readings.  I wanted to chime in.  You did a reading for me not long after my husband was killed in 2013.  I needed peace of mind.  You gave that to me and more.  You knew nothing about me, but as soon as we sat down you connected with my mom.  She’s been gone since 1997.  You told me things nobody would know.  You then connected with my husband.  Once again, you told me things that nobody would know.  He wore cologne and you got quiet and told me he said I could smell him.  I still get goosebumps. You are an amazing woman that gave me such peace of mind, I will forever be grateful. I am actually thinking of seeing you again.

Lori F.

Kelly, I was late seeing you had a reading last night, I wish I would have seen that.  I actually feel like I need to see you.  I did a reading with you in April.  I have to be honest, I USED to look at your gift as “entertainment”, but I swear to you as goosebumps run up and down me EVERY TIME I talk about our reading together, you are AMAZING!!  I still have a
lot of healing to do from my Mom passing away, but I know in my heart the peace she is in because of you and what you told me… There’s NO WAY anyone could have known the things you told me but MOM..  Kelly, I just want to Thank You again and say you are beautiful and so is your gift!!

Amy V.