The Source: Medium Takes Readers to the “Other Side”

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Book answers questions about the afterlife.

By Chris Williams
Source Staff Writer
Utica, Shelby Township Edition
September 30, 2007

At one point or another, most people have questioned what happens after this life.

When faced with the death of a parent, spouse or friend, many people ask questions about the status of departed souls. Are they angry for a past disappointment? Did they suffer in their final moments? Are they truly in a better place?

kellsourceKelly MacLeod believes she can bring peace and comfort to people asking those questions. For the past eight years she has served as a psychic medium, helping people connect with departed loved ones. Now, with a new book, she is hoping to impart her knowledge to a larger audience.

The book is called “Messages and Miracles from the Other Side” and it allows for MacLeod to share the knowledge she’s gleaned from nearly a decade of conversing with departed souls. The book not only tells of the various visions she’s experienced when channeling the spirit world, but also provides answers to questions many people ask after a friend or family member passes away.

“We’re living in a very hurt world and people are looking for answers,” MacLeod said. “They’re not satisfied with the answers they’re getting and so they’re beginning to look to people who can heal them, not by treating just the mental and the physical, but also the spiritual.”

MacLeod said she can sympathize with people asking deeper questions; it was her own soul-searching that led her from a career in the auto industry to her current profession, which includes psychic readings, hypnotherapy and more.

MacLeod, who was raised as a Baptist during her childhood before joining a Pentecostal congregation, said she served diligently at her church and even practiced the spiritual gift of prophecy. However, she said she did not feel fulfilled by what she was experiencing at church and eventually began to read books on the spirit world.

“I just knew there was something missing from life. I’ve always been a religious or spiritual person, but I could just tell something was missing,” MacLeod said. “It was almost like I was so hungry that I just started reading everything.”

MacLeod devoured every book she could get a hold of and even attended the Arthur Findlay College in England. The college is a world-renowned institution for the study of spiritual and psychic sciences, and MacLeod said her training provided a time for her to immerse herself in the studies of the spirit world.

“It was a pretty intense course,” MacLeod said. “It was like you’d get up and, from morning until evening, you’d have classes, and only stop for meals and tea.”

The training allowed MacLeod to return to Macomb County and open her own office in Roseville and Eastpointe; she moved to her current Shelby Township location in June. Although she began her work by using Angel Cards in her readings, she said she soon received guidance from a surprising source, telling her to focus more on people and less on technique.

“One day I was meditating and I heard this big voice, which I’m convinced was the voice of God, tell me ‘Put away the crutch,'” MacLeod said. “And I fought against it and said, ‘No, I need to use them to tell people,’ but the voice persisted. And when I put the cards away and started connecting with people’s energy and focusing on them, it made the readings much more in-depth.”

MacLeod said she is aware there are many skeptics who believe mediums are frauds; she said the people who are out there just for the money make it difficult for true mediums who are serious about their craft. That is why she said she is committed to giving true readings, no matter how uncomfortable the truth may be.

“I don’t go with this ‘your grandma’s here, she says she loves you,’ stuff. When people come in, they want the meat and potatoes, and that’s what I give them,” she said. “I don’t believe in dark spirits or black auras; I’m here to help people heal.”

It was that desire for more healing, MacLeod said, that prompted her to write a book. “Messages and Miracles” addresses not only the details of what MacLeod has learned of the afterlife, but also many of the questions people have posed to her about what happens to loved ones after they depart the earth.

One of the biggest misconceptions people harbor about departed souls, MacLeod said, is they believe the deceased are angry or disappointed about something that occurred on Earth. She said such emotions and reactions do not occur on the other side.

“While we are here, we’re governed by human bodies and human emotions,” MacLeod said. “Over on the other side, though, it’s small potatoes. Over there it’s unconditional love, and they’re not carrying around the anger and disappointment we have here.”

MacLeod said the opportunity to heal others and bring closure to them during times of uncertainty and mourning is what keeps her in business, even if other people are not believers.

“To see the one person who walks in and it looks like they’ve lost their only friend in the world, or another person walks in and they’re suicidal and they leave feeling better, with a smile on their face or having made a connection with a loved one…you can’t put a price on that. It’s amazing,” she said. “Some people do think I’m cuckoo. My response has always been that we believe there’s eternal life; why can’t I speak to it?”

Kelly MacLeod’s office is located on Van Dyke in Shelby Township. She can be reached at 1-888-KELLY-4U. “Messages and Miracles” is available at MacLeod’s office or via her Web site at